Your Essential Must-Have Things For Twins

For some, our worlds can turn upside down when the scan shows twins and it's not long before you start to wonder, what things for twins are essential items?

Having twins is a different journey then single babies but by preparing in advance, you can get a great head start. 

There are some fundamental things for twins that you’ll need at the beginning of your adventure. Set yourself up with the basics and make your life easier to start with. 

Twin parents need all the help they get, and that means helping themselves too. 

We do understand! When our co-founder Mikala found out that she was expecting twins, she embarked on a frantic online search of all things twin. It was difficult to source twin-related products.

So, what are the most useful things for twins? We’ve got some essential must-haves to share with you.

Twin carriers

Sometimes you’ll need your hands free to get on with essential tasks and this is where a twin carrier can be a lifesaver. 

Carry your twins with you everywhere you go; choose between a carrier that lets you have both babies on your front or one on your front and one on your back.

Carriers are one of the much-needed things for twins but ensure your carrier meets the basic requirements. Your babies’ legs shouldn’t hang down straight but should be bent at a 90-degree angle - like frogs’ legs. Each baby’s back should be supported and the baby should be close to the person carrying them. Their heads should be fully supported. 

twin weego baby carrier things for twins

The Twin Weego is intended for use particularly in the first few months and has the babies resting in front of you. It has double pouches that can be used with premature babies from 4lbs (1.800g) and expands as they grow. 

twingo baby carrier things for twins

The TwinGo Air allows you to carry one twin on your front and the other on your back. It is made from a breathable mesh that can be covered with a removable panel making it perfect for summer and winter.  

Here are some other tips for choosing your twin baby carrier that we wrote on our blog.

Feeding pillow

Get the extra support you need when breast or bottle-feeding twins with a Things for Twins Feeding Pillow

twin feeding pillow things for twins

Each twin is totally supported as your hungry babes are fed in tandem. The pillow has a firm base and a secure cradling nook making it perfect to help you breast or bottle feed the babies. It elevates the babies and the backrest ensures you keep a good posture as you feed them. And, a feeding pillow has been shown to help with reflux as sitting up after feedings can help small tummies. 

Added bonus: no sore backs and necks for you!

If you're a new mum to multiples, check out our post on useful and practical tips for breastfeeding twins.

Trolley liner

Protect your precious twins from viruses and germs with a trolley liner. Going shopping is a necessity and you want your babies to stay safe. A trolley cover is a perfect way to ensure your children stay germ free and comfortable. 

trolley liner for twin babies things for twins

The Things for Twins Trolley Liner gives full coverage of a trolley seat, and one size fits all. The purpose-built holes allow the safety harnesses to be used as well. It folds down into a small piece of fabric that you can throw into your bag. Simply toss it into the washing machine when you get home and it’s ready to be used again.  

Twin milestone cards

Ok, so this *might* not classify as essential but we think it’s pretty darn important. 

twin milestone cards things for twins

Don’t miss the important milestones in your twins’ lives, record and share them with your family and friends. Things for Twins has Twin Milestone Cards now available so you can keep the world up-to-date with your twin journey. 

Mark each milestone with a card, including:

  • We are new here (Reverse - Name, date, weight and time)
  • We are 1 week old
  • We are 2 weeks old to I rolled over today (Reverse - 2 x Name, 2 x date)
  • Today I learned to crawl (Reverse - 2 x Name, 2 x date)
  • Today I took my first steps (Reverse - 2 x Name, 2 x date)
  • I grew my first tooth today (Reverse - 2 x Name, 2 x date)
  • Our first cuddle with Mum
  • Our first cuddle with Dad

And much, much more! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @thingsfortwinsuk when you share!

Baby bottles

There’s no doubt that feeding two babies at once is a challenge and you’ll need specially designed things for twins to keep them well-fed and happy. 

Choose a system that is hands-free and allows for upright feeding. A baby feeding system that allows feeding babies in an upright position instead of a horizontal position will help prevent colic, gas build-up, ear infections, and reflux.

The Podee® Baby Bottle is a 240ml, BPA-free bottle to ensure your baby is fed and healthy. It’s been developed to be hands-free for you and allows twins to feed while sat upright. A great bottle to use with your twins. 

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We look forward to hearing about your twin journey. 

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